of, pertaining to, involving, or directed at both hearing and sight:
audiovisual facilities; audiovisual techniques.
usually, audiovisuals. .
contemporary examples

a politician must -ssume that he or she is under 24-hour audio-visual surveillance.
say goodbye to basic privacy david frum march 17, 2013

but it was not long into the first interview when heinz grew frustrated, chiding lombardi for having “no audio-visual recall.”
the night vince lombardi lay awake brooding over a 49-0 win w.c. heinz january 24, 2014

historical examples

there’s an audio-visual recorder on now; here’s everything you need.
time crime h. beam piper

we will produce an audio-visual of him as soon as he is out of narco-hyp.
time crime h. beam piper

that told him, before the brigadier general spoke again, that he was agreeable to the audio-visual appearance and statement.
oomphel in the sky henry beam piper

he went on to describe, not too incorrectly, the reading-screens and viewscreens and audio-visual equipment.
oomphel in the sky henry beam piper

(esp of teaching aids) involving or directed at both hearing and sight: the language cl-ss had new audiovisual equipment

1937 (also audio-visual), from audio- + visual.

audiovisual au·di·o·vis·u·al or au·di·o-vis·u·al (ô’dē-ō-vĭzh’ōō-əl)

both audible and visible.

of or relating to materials, such as films and videotapes, that present information in audible and pictorial form.

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    training or educational materials directed at both the sense of hearing and the sense of sight; films, recordings, photographs, etc., used in cl-ssroom instruction, library collections, or the like.

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