beautiful and kind. loves to be with others. never leaves anyone behind.
“she’s such an audrianna!”

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  • YeahDawg

    word describing anyone who plays lax, wears vineyard vines, sports and/or is a tall white boy. (meant to be said in deep voice) you see that f-ckboy lax bro with the flow? hes such a f-ckin yeahdawg.

  • flexing dominance

    to intimidate a rival bro p-ssive aggressively by commenting on an instagram picture. i was flexing dominance at someone… someone named steven.

  • fuckible

    when someone looks like they know how to f-ck. basically good in bed girl 1: “dude, look at that guy right there!” girl 2: “yo he f-ckible”

  • Kentucky Mia

    the act of acquiring a kfc bucket meal, consuming its contents, and then using the convenient bucket as a receptacle for one’s vomit. “why do bulimics love kfc so much?” “why?” “it comes with a bucket!” “oh, you’re talking about pulling a kentucky mia.”

  • shook the spot

    to leave hastily; to flee danger when popo rolled up i shook the spot

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