a usually sweet and un sn-bby girl who turns heads every where she goes. this completely p-sses other girls off so they desperately attempt to cut her down, this fails every time. also usually has a boyfriend that is very protective. gets the top of the line s-xy -ss guys.
wow that girl doesnt even know how audrie she is
dang that audrie is so fine
why do audries always get the perfect guys

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  • BCIG

    biggest c-nt in group o-dogg danilckinko was being a raging c-nt, so ed stuck her in the p–p shoot to curb her behavior.

  • Raehaan

    hot s-xy flirty person (: your such a raehaan.

  • ragazze

    means ‘girl” in italian. -una bella ragazze also used for young ladies, although ‘donna is more proper. not to be confused with ragazzo, which means boy managgia! che bella ragazze quello ragazze? which girl? questo ragazze. this girl.

  • danar

    a kurdish person who smells like curry. the word ”danar” can be interchangeable with ”long nose” example 1: ew it smells danar in here! example 2: hahaha look at his danar!

  • eye dee kay

    a spelled out abbreviation of ‘idk’ which is i dont know sam: what time is the hangout? bob: eye dee kay a word used online by ditzy chicks with a maximum iq of 30 jack: hey what are you doing this weekend? jill: ehm…eyedeekay!!!

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