Aural Cunt Punt

an audio-based form of -rg-sm induction of godly proportion, or possibly made by god himself. this rare occurrence is usually crafted by an elite squad of john zorn wannabes, whom during a live performance create such a powerful masturbatory (see: w-nker) avant-garde mayhem that it proceeds to aurally “c-nt punt” any near-by fangirl into a s-xually-charged screaming frenzy.
last night i went with my best mate to be aural c-nt punted by a band performing in nothing but patched ramones underwear and h-llo kitty masks; it seemed like everyone there knew the b-ssist (and i mean everyone), but n-body knew much of anything about the rest of the band; particularly the xylophonist, who appeared to not be there at all most of the time and was instead an absence of air lifting mallets.

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