the most beautiful and wonderful girl in the world. slightly pessimistic, but in a good way. she’s a little bit goth, has dark hair and blue eyes, and if you are her boyfriend, you are the luckiest guy in the world.
person 1: boy, i wish i was aurora’s boyfriend.
person 2: yeah me too.
person 3: me three!
person 4: me four
person 5: so do i!
person 6: she is so awesome.
person 7: yeah totally!
awesome person who has fun and is out going. she is awesome
aurora is such an awesome person to be with
the most bad -ss girl on the planet. she makes chuck norris whimper. not only is she great and powerful but her beauty can not be described. named after the northern lights, she rains sunshine on everyone’s day.
aurora? oh yes… she is epic
the most beautiful girl in the universe, with short black and brown hair with gorgeous brown eyes. she is s-xy and incredibly funny and caring. great person to hangout with
“man, i wish i was going out with aurora”
an extremely confident girl. she doesn’t put up with bullsh-t. a lot of guys want her because she is impossibly s-xy and smart. if you have an aurora as a friend or girlfriend you can easily consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world.
dude, that’s the hottest girl i have ever seen.
wow man, you’re right. she’s a total aurora.
one of the largest cities in illinois. it is one of the earliest cities to have electrical lights installed (hence its nickname the city of lights). abraham lincoln once gave a speech at one of the older downtown buildings. it also is the acclaimed home of the star’s of “wayne’s world” (although there haven’t been any reputable sightings of them). a good portion of aurora is generic, sprawling, middle-cl-ss suburbia. if you meet anyone from aurora outside of the state… they’ll probably tell you they’re from chicago. even though it’s a good hour drive down i-88.
“my name is wayne, and i live in aurora, illinois, a suburb of chicago. excellent.”
the name that originates from the roman goddess of dawn.
people with the name aurora tend to be slightly materialistic. they are fashionistas. an ‘aurora’ also tends to have linguistic problems, and also problems with pr-nounciation of words. auroras are also very outgoing, and not afraid to be themselves. an aurora can often see herself as better than certain people, and sometimes forgets things easily.
‘she’s an aurora for sure”
a girl with a rainbow of different hair colours, from red to purple to blue to black. most likely seen with an “erin” or at least talking to one. gorgeous and stunning, any guy would be lucky to have one, that is, if they are worthy. aurora is typically the most beautiful girl in a crowd, thus easy to spot. beware, all that harm the aurora will have their houses burned down and their livestock stolen. by an erin.
jenny: what happened to your house, sally??

sally: i accidentally b-mped into aurora in the hallway today!

jenny: your house is burned down and all of your chickens are gone!


“wow! is she a goddess?! ”

“no, even better, that’s aurora”

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