to examine by .
historical examples

the tonics ought during the time to be discontinued, and the chest should be daily auscultated to learn when the symptoms subside.
the dog d-nks, mayhew, and hutchinson

the fetal heart must be auscultated every half hour at most, between and during the pains.
the ethics of medical homicide and mutilation austin o’malley

to examine (a patient) by means of auscultation

“to listen” (especially with a stethoscope), 1832, from latin auscultatus, past participle of auscultare “to listen attentively to,” from aus-, from auris “ear” (see ear (n.1)); “the rest is doubtful” [oed]. tucker suggests the second element is akin to clinere “to lean, bend.”

auscultate aus·cul·tate (ô’skəl-tāt’) or aus·cult (ô’skəlt)
v. aus·cul·tat·ed or aus·cul·ted, aus·cul·tat·ing or aus·cul·ting, aus·cul·tates or aus·cults
to examine by auscultation.
aus’cul·ta’tive adj.
aus·cul’ta·to’ry (ô-skŭl’tə-tôr’ē) adj.

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