australian capital territory

the territory where the capital city of australia, canberra, is located. it is not a state, but a territory and can still have legislation trampled all over by the federal government (such as same s-x marriages). it has the city of canberra in the north, and a national park in the south: that is all.
hey dude, do you know what the australian capital territory self-government act of 1988 did?
no dude, what?
gave the act its own government.
awesome dude!
a complete waste of time and sp-ce, with no real purpose but to settle the d-ckheads from victoria and nsw down during the federation or some garbage. the place is 90% public servants and their families and hence is the most boring place in the world, so boring in fact that people between the age of 18 and 24 drive to sydney or melbourne due to the lack of social opportunities in canberra. everyone else w-nks constantly
man: hey mate, you wanna go to the act?
man 2: the what?
man: the act! australian capital territory? capital of australia?
man 2: is that a nightclub in sydney? cause ive never heard of it.
man: never mind, lets just stay here.
contains canberra, australia’s capital city.
also known as the fireworks and p-rn capital of australia
notoriously political place. exciting for people between the ages of 35-90+
located between sydney and melbourne where anyone under the age of 35 goes to when they have free time to avoid spending time in the act.
i just spent a few days down in canberra, in the australian capital territory. it’s the only city in australia where you can buy both p-rn and fireworks. those are two things you never ever want to get mixed up. we’re talking serious t-st-c-l burn

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