a lover of all things australian. you basically scream the word dodgey when you -rg-sm.
man, i’m such a f-ck-ng austraphile.

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  • telephiliak

    mind f-cker he was a telephiliak

  • tember

    1. a medical condition where you have one lung 2. a misspelling of “temper” by james don’t smoke if you have tember!

  • tetris

    to excrete with such volume and vehemence but distinctly intermittent chunk formation, that to an external observer it would appear as though a very brown game of tetris is taking place. i had a bad case of the sh-ts on tuesday. my -ss was spitting tetris down the u-bend. the greatest game known to man. […]

  • autowiseau'ed

    when chatting on an iphone, ipad or ipod, the autocorrect instantly transforms what you typed into something tommy wiseau (director of the room) would say: my friend was typing the words “on his birthday!” … and the autocorrect changed it to “oh hai birthday!” autowiseau’ed!!!!

  • autumning

    when a girl becomes so obsessed with her boyfriend and ditches all of her friends to hang out with him, the process is called “autumning.” “is (name of girl) coming over to hang with us tonight?” “naw man, she’s autumning.” “shocker! she’d much rather f-ck her boyfriend.”

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