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  • cramp as hell

    when something is exciting and/or cool synonym: hype person 1: check out my new j’s! person 2: that’s cramp as h-ll!!!

  • Meansbo

    a really stupid tumblr trend encouraging eating disorders. if you eat healthy and take care of yourself, there is a likely chance that onision subscribers think your body is hot… and there are millions of them. that’s right, millions of people think you’re good looking, so love yourself. it’s so sad when people are so […]

  • snap me

    don’t be a lazy c-nt and reply to my f-cking snapchat hey, snap me

  • Max Faded

    very high / stoned / elevated “i’m max faded at grandma’s house” #faded blazed high

  • Trumpatriotism

    patriotism displayed by trump supporters that is ant-thetical to the founding doc-ments of america. the trumpatriotism of the “code pink woman” at the rnc was appalling.

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