authority in action, not to mention actually spelled right.
authoritative is without a doubt too big of a word for you to know how to use.

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  • authentastic

    authentic taste and smell of food and other things, meaning without any artificial additives; smelling/tasting as it is meant to, without artificial flavoring/aromas – ‘that lasagne was delicious; like my italian grandmother used to make it. did you use pre-packaged (herbs) mix?’ – ‘no i made it from scratch with fresh herbs from an old […]

  • Average Intelligence

    the average iq is 100. people who have this iq commonly believe in ghosts, g-d, unproven herbal medicine, and are often superst-tious. people of this iq mostly run the world, and are repsonsible for the f-cked up state that it’s in. that guy must be of average intelligence: he’s superst-tious, he can’t seem to think […]

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    1. the sweetest and most thoughtful woman in this world. 2. a great person 3. honest 4. hates mind games 5. loves red devils 6. hates cold cheese 7. loves to dance 8. loyal 9. the tease i wish i had an awesomechoisum in my life

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    an italish (inglish+italian) word that mean the most awesome, super awesome, totally f-cking awesome! that italian car is awesomissimo!

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