a made up word made from bradlee
authoritor- made up slang

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  • alaskan pulled pork

    when you’re doing -n-l and when you pull out, so does her r-ct-m in a sh-tty mess i can’t sit down cause of the alaskan pulled pork i had last night

  • sebe

    polish f-g with uncirc-mcised wiener (onion breath) that kid had onion breath that kids a total sebe

  • calm the farm

    vb; to lace industrial cattle feed with quaaludes “why are you throwing handfuls of pills into the feeding trough?” “bro, we just gotta calm the farm.”

  • rusten

    a big dude with fabulous curly locks and a tiny p-n-s. he is like a bear, you aren’t sure whether or not you want to hug him. should i hug rusten? mm better not

  • snot pocket

    pockets in hoodies, jackets, pants etc that have used tissues in them. it’s allergy season and i keep having to blow my nose. i’m gonna have snot pockets all week a lady’s genitalia. she had a right runny snot pocket- and her manky hanky was hanging out. the part of your nose where boogers that […]

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