Authority Zero

an awesome punk rock band from arizona that combines political punk rock with reggae and spanish music to create a sound like no other band. their cd andiamo is great and anyone who listens to punk rock should buy it. trust me, if you buy it, you won’t be disappointed.
authority zero is an excellent band with a unique sound.
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best f-cking punk band out there. they’re mostly punk but combine some reggae and ska. they’re basically one part sublime and one part pennywise. they have a lot of spanish and portuguese influences in their music too and they have lyrics in both of these languages.

it p-sses me off that so few people actually know who they are, even though they released two cds with a major label (lava). buy/download their sh-t asap. i can’t really pick a favorite song since they’re all good, but try downloading “lying awake.” when the lead singer was asked about mp3’s, he said “i think it’s rad” so don’t feel guilty about it.
authority zero is a band from mesa, arizona, usa, earth, solar system, some galaxy
the greatest punk band in the world! they are amazing live and never disappoint the m-sses of people who go to their shows. they sound like a mix between sublime and offspring, and their acoustic alb-m “rythm and booze” is the best. they are a local az band, the shows stay small and intimate so that the real fans can enjoy. im somewhat glad that they are not a commercial band, and would love for them to stay somewhat underground…a p-ssage in time is best cd! jason devore, the lead singer also has a solo alb-m out that kicks -ss!
authority zero never disappoints

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