auto nut

press b-tton to j-zz every 5 minutes
i like to auto nut on a daily basis

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  • champagne charlie

    a rich loud mouthed c-nt who likes to play to a big audience with luxary and extravagance. often causing more harm than good. ‘whos that bloke over there acting like gods gift?’ ‘oh thats thomas, hes a f-cking champagne charlie’

  • drop a doughnut

    to score a zero in a game, or fail to score any points. he’s actually gonna drop a doughnut, is he that sh-t in this game?

  • hootie scootin

    used in place of dumpster diving, so when you’re at a restaurant or somewhere nice you can discuss dumpster diving plans without funny looks i saw a block sale over on palace dr. today, we should go hootie scootin around there tonight.

  • wumpalumpadubdub

    the catchphrase of that kooky scientist in rick and morty “wumpalumpadubdub everybody”

  • jaymonie

    a b-tch -ss n-gg- stop being a jaymonie and fight him

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