marked by or dealing with one’s own experiences or life history; of or in the manner of an autobiography:
autobiographical material; an autobiographical novel.
historical examples

on the subject of autobiographies and the autobiographic method, i had several interesting talks with borrow.
lavengro george borrow

here it is not difficult to recognise an autobiographic touch.
william morris elizabeth luther cary

you ought to read the book, especially the autobiographic half.
the letters of william james, vol. ii william james

the symphony is extremely subjective; indeed, autobiographic.
music: an art and a language walter raymond spalding

in the nineteenth chapter of the aurora there occurs a very important p-ssage of this autobiographic nature.
jacob behmen alexander whyte

the affected modesty of the autobiographic parts is diverting.
library of the world’s best literature, ancient and modern, vol. 9 various

our autobiographic chronicler was at this time twenty-six years old; his personality bespoke a kind reception everywhere.
the mediaeval mind (volume i of ii) henry osborn taylor

the period was still more fertile in the diary, which may be defined as the autobiographic memoir in a rudimentary stage.
the age of dryden richard garnett

but it shares with the poems shortly to be noticed what may be called the autobiographic charm.
english men of letters: coleridge h. d. traill

in the upper bracket of autobiographic chronicles, by a sensitive man who never had the provincial point of view.
guide to life and literature of the southwest j. frank dobie

of or concerned with one’s own life
of or relating to an autobiography

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