a new style of writing designed by awesome guy phil.n.
wow your writing is fantastic!
i know, it’s called autocalligraphile

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  • awaygoing

    the opposite of homecoming – a gala thrown to celebrate one’s departure from home. a going away party. bilbo threw a fantastic awaygoing a few nights ago! fireworks and all!

  • awesamazing

    better than awesome or amazing alone, or a mixture of the two. paige: i just parachuted out of a helicopter!! ashleigh: that’s awesamazing!!

  • granny fro

    a short hairstyle consisting of little or no hair, think of any older school hip hop fro, shorter and feminized, gray or white, or pastel forms of hair colors in color, sometimes seen with tight to loose curls or simply just a puff of hair. usually worn by almost every older woman still alive, requires […]

  • beacon

    a bright shining individual that stands out among others. the know all be all end all for all things. he is such a beacon in the community. 1) an object, usually a light, that directs attention to a specific place or area. 2) how idiots spell “bacon”. you can’t miss the airport, just keep an […]

  • beazbag

    a combination of “beazy” and “douche bag.” a hilarious ‘insult’ to use… chandra and alycia are beazbags. “hey beazbag, where are my cookies?” “you beazbag.” “stop being a beazbag, you tw-t.”

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