Autogenic training

a relaxation technique utilizing self-suggestion, breathing exercises, and meditation.
a technique for reducing stress through mental exercises to produce physical relaxation also called autogenics

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    self-produced; self-generated. physiology. pertaining to substances generated in the body. metallurgy. self-fused, without the addition of solder or the application of an adhesive: an autogenous weld between two pieces of the same metal. historical examples this apparatus is supplied on a trolley for use in autogenous soldering or welding. acetylene, the principles of its generation […]

  • Autogenous vaccine

    autogenous vaccine autogenous vaccine n. a vaccine made from a culture of bacteria taken from the person to be vaccinated. historical examples the final proof was the cure of the patient by an autogenous vaccine made of the offending microbe. the treatment of hay fever george frederick laidlaw

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