defines something that happens automatically but you can’t quite explain how it happens or the explanation is too complex.

also, can be used as “automagically”.
babies are created automagically.
airplanes fly automagically.
an old mainframe phrase from at least the 80s, meaning when things appear automatically like magic. typically used with netview and jes2 automatic commands.
i put the start of that batch cobol job in jes2 start commands, that job will start automagically every morning at 2:30.
1. adj, a task/activity that is so complex or so boring/uncomfortable that one doesn’t feel like explaining it or bothering to look up how it works.

2. when something just happens
i don’t know why your kids look like me! it just happened automagically!
a common slang word for “automatic”. often used in webblogs and other forms of internet communication.
the phone and the car connect automagically.

google’s corrective spelling feature is automagic.

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