big fat dongo in the mouth
one time i shoved down a huge auxy in my throat

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  • sumerian burrito

    when you can’t fit your p-n-s inside the dead baby so you just f-ck it instead. “stay still little jimmy this might hurt” i’m gonna give you a sumerian burrito

  • flu gaming

    to party or go out for a night on the town whilst being extremely sick bro i got a 103 degree fever but that ain’t gonna stop me from flu gaming at the bars tonight!

  • who the f*** is justin bieber

    famous phrase told by wise metal singer ozzy osbourne into an interview in 2010 the host : what music are you listening now? do you listen to any music -ozzy speaks on his english- the host : so you are listen a lot of justin bieber ozzy : who? the host : justin bieber ozzy […]

  • colorado brownie pants

    verb;when you sh-t all over your husband legs and let it harden, then he wears them as pants and goes to a very important meating the next day. “i gave my husband some colorado brownie pants and he got fired.” “hopefully he’ll spend more time with me now.”

  • january 21 2017

    the day america dies donald j. trump takes office on january 21 2017 and he will kill amarica.

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