for the auz in all of uz
this irc is ruined, let’s go to auzland

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  • avari

    1) the biggest n00b to grace the server of wanderhome in the video game star wars galaxies. frequently seen whoring around synonyms: elpa, nooblet dude he just got our whole group killed. does he know what he is doing? he just pulled an avari! even lil hammie wouldnt be as dumb as that! gawd!

  • Mika

    mika is a lebanese singer (but based in london) who was -fun fact!- trained by a russian opera professional. some of his more famous numbers include ‘grace kelly’ which reached number #1 on the uk singles chart on 21 january 2007. mika prefers not to discuss his s-xuality with journalists, but there is some speculation […]

  • Auto-tune slut

    the word auto-tune sl-t refers to a modern age pop star who lets auto-tune ride them agian and agian until they -j-c-l-t- a horrible sounding noise from their mouth. –note– most teenage girls commonly refer to this noise as “music”. this term is more commonly used by metal heads gerry “who that singer?” brad “just […]

  • Romanchick

    the girl version of bromantic. when females have romantic times together. i’m having dinner with alishea tonight, we have a romanchick date.

  • a video game

    an entertaining challenge in which the player(s) must acheive a goal to succeed. origionally, a video game was to be played through the television. it can be either that or on the computer. a great way to p-ss the time between sleep. not quite as good as s-x but not as bad boredom. (better than […]

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