avary is an amazing girl.
dang avary is so cool

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  • kirtika

    a nice,indian,funny girl who loves to be around people.she is clumsy and somtimes, plain out stupid and a pain, but she is humerous and loving. oh god kirtika,why am i friends with you:)

  • halluci

    halluci’s are smart, clumsy, funny, loveable, pr-ne to mental issues, emotional, and tend to blame themselves for bad things. they need someone to comfort them, or they will blame themselves for everything wrong in your life. “he keeps on blaming himself for everything!” “then he must be a halluci.”

  • imminent immigrant

    imminent immigrant is an individual moving from one country to another, really quickly. “hey barry. i need an immigrant here really quickly” barry, “you need an imminent immigrant, mate” “cheers barry”

  • bedroom-dead

    adj: a) when a woman has not had s-x in more than 10 weeks and is s-xually frustrated. b) s-xually unsatisfied in general c) adj used to describe vanilla s-x if a woman is bedroom-dead, def a), and still has carnal needs, she’ll probably resort to craigslist

  • stalion

    some one who not only trusts fast but has a big p-n-s as well babe im not sure you can handle this stalion style s-x.

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