Avery elders

a loser
did you see that avery elders

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  • futsee

    a futsee is when you fart or laugh so hard you pee. “madeline did you futsee? ” “oops! i laughed so hard i futseed myself!”

  • airplane dress

    when a woman’s dress is so short when she bends over you can see all the way to the c-ck pit. sally had that black leather airplane dress on today and wasn’t wearing any underware. she bent over to pick up a dollar and i seen every hair on that c-ck pit.

  • strudel face

    the face made when you push up your upper lip and smile to find tiny lines between your mouth and your nose. look at the strudel face!!

  • Raafay

    a weirdo that is obese. he typically won’t share. raafay’s a jerk.

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    an awesome girl. she has dark brown, shiny hair. she is so amazing!!!!! all her friends luv her. she is so awesome!!! she is also smart. she is in extended everything!!!!! person 1: i’m having a bad day person 2: hey look, nurayn! person 1: i fell a light surging through my veins! person 2: […]

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