pr-nunciation: /ˈav(ə)li/

a legendary fountain from whence springs forth abundantly both wisdom and riches.

the origin of ‘avily’ is to be found in cornwall, england being both celtic and iberian in origin. the first recorded use is said to be in 1066 where the name was carved onto a gigantic boulder made of granite (along with other insignias) found by local miners near porkellis moor, onto which some historians have called ‘the treasure map of wendron’.

the name ‘avily’ was in popular use in the 13th century, made so by knights and maidens who spread rumours of its wealth and wisdom, and many are said to have gone in search of this forbidden yet desirable drink from ‘the avily’.
‘he will set back whence he came, for his family’s avily doth flow with gold and youth.”

gold youth wisdom riches
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