the best girl bipolar big booty have a squad all the boys like all the haters hate has a big sister has a squad m,c,j,t,a
avionna is the best in town

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  • awkasaurus rex

    general manly behaviour that is so awkward even dinosaurs would sideways cat you for behaving this way. in other words like awkward turtle.. but manlier. guy: check out his dance moves, so awks brohemo: he’s doing the awkasaurus rex random lady: ain’t n-body got time for that

  • ball cruncher

    the term when someone is punched so hard an audible crunch is heard wyatt pushed easton’s b-ttons, as payback he gave him a ball cruncher

  • bathroom squad

    a group of girls that hide from the male species. most commonly found in bathrooms after embarr-ssing moments talking about rumors spread around. omg! did you see what just happened. there is most definetly a bathroom squad conversing right now.

  • beetlejuice breath

    nasty deathbreath worse than your average orals-x tacostand morningbreath, bad enough to wilt a cobra and file for divorce. her beetlejuice breath lingered on my weiner for a week after she gave me head.

  • blaxy

    adj. a slang term for cool. i was listening to some blaxy music yesterday. adj. a term for awesome or cool, but with more meaning. i was listening to some blaxy music last week.

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