a very sweet lovable caring person who is very funny even when he tries no to very handsome and very protective about the people that he really loves but shy
hey look it’s avvon!

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  • cutietack

    when your beautiful loving girlfriend says something so cute you wanna just melt right there. my girlfriend just said the most wonderful things and i almost had a cutietack

  • Hell Patrol

    the group of sad sack janitors that have to clean up after a large event, preferably a food festival that has very greasy food. “sorry, i don’t have an appet-te, i was just on h-ll patrol”

  • pineapple fish

    a person with fish lips that get bruises from sucking d-ck. she’s pineapple fish because she comes to school having bruises on her lips.

  • Narrow Q

    when you just kinda look and act like a rapist that dude is a narrow q #rape #no means no #yes means -n-l #john cena #prison s-x #gbla

  • awrection

    something which is simultaneously cute and arousing. wow that bra is adorable! i’ve got such an awrection.

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