a super-sweet girl. extremely gorgeous and tons of fun. when you meet one you will want to be a huge part of her life but you would have to be very lucky for it to happen. an abigail will stay on your mind forever so you will know when you meet one.the girl who is always searching for herself. the girl who feels beautiful when spreading joy to others, but has difficulty doing so. the girl who may often fear losing her sanity, because she so often comes close to it, but you never know it because she settles quietly to the side of the room. the girl who tends to keep to herself, but if you give her reason to trust her and time to open up, and you treat with respect, then you’re in for an amazing experience with a beautiful person. the girl that intimidates you, in some way or another, because of her silent power, so everyone leaves her to be alone. she is highly intuitive and creative, with a vast imagination. she is strong, intelligent, and knows what is beautiful in life.
the beautiful, smart girl kept to herself, drawing in the margins of her notebook, so even the boy who recognized her beauty left her alone. she’s such an avyg-yle.

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