-ss whooping
i gave ajp an aw last night in 2k17 !
attention wh-r-.
someone who thrives on attention.
i am an aw on my favorite message board
an expression of disappointment.
usually done in andy style.
get off of my lawn!!!
–you: “aw” (as)

also, a sneaky way to feign concern when really you’re waiting for to move on to the next subject of conversation.
person: aw, i got this super sweet shirt…

person1: so my car cr-pped out and my bills are overdue and my life just kind of sucks.
person2: aw. can you feed my dog?
person1: sure.
person2: thanks
a word that a girl uses just before she friendzones someone.
guy: i’ve had a crush on you for awhile.
girl: aw, you’re so sweet, but i only like you as a friend.
abbreviation:(why are there 2 b’s in abbreviation,,irony); for attention wh-r-. use when in ignorant company, or within earshot of the abbreviated one. the use of a.w. will halt the potential metamorphisis into a tension wh-r-.
i used to drink rootbeer, but my old lady is such an a.w. , that now i drink jack daniels. oh.. hi honey… could you mix me another drink… pretty please, you are the best! !.
attention wh-r-. a girl who will flirt with any guy no matter the look, just so she knows that she has their attention.
friend 1 :dude, taylor was getting flirty with me.

friend 2 : nah, shes just being an a.w.
attention wh-r-; someone that, with their actions, begs for attention.
can you believe that david emailed all of us a picture of his new car? he’s such an aw.

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