awkward work b-n-r.

perhaps redundant considering b-n-rs at work are always awkward.
“an attractive coworker ran through our office wearing a tight shirt, then bent over; now i have an awb.”
average white b-tch this is a typical white female who falls into the usual sterotypes of being ignorant and easy
person 1: did you see that white girl wearing sweatpants all week and then saw her on friday half naked trying to sleep with that guy ?

person 2: she is just a typical awb
a rapper and producer who lives in melbourne and performs hip hop music.
awbs is a very talented musician who is good at mult-tasking.
acquaintance with benefits. someone you’re willfully hooking up with, but hasn’t quite made it to the friend level yet.
yeah, that girl’s my awb. she goes by the name of kidneys.

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