something which is so awesome, you can’t just say it’s awesome so you say ‘aweb-lls’
ls: i am in aweb-lls

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  • afterbag

    the pain that occurs after the initial pain of being hit in the t-st-cl-s. after james bagged me, the afterbag lasted for hours. “oh no here comes the afterbag!”

  • cancel the clown

    1. v. to not meet expectations. 2. v. to prevent someone from having intercourse. 1a. due to your stupidity and lack of attention you really know how to cancel the clown. 1b. are you feeling ok? where’s your head at? you’re really cancelling the clown today. 2a. after dinner last night i thought my girlfriend […]

  • capccident

    when in an instant message or text conversation, the sender unintentionally screams at the recipient by leaving the capslock on. capslock + accident = capccident “no, i will not…whoa, capccident…sorry… no, i will not be able to make it to the show tonight.”

  • capitoolist

    an tool of capitalism. these people usually lack in intelligence and are avid consumers. randy: dude….. lets buy this cereal…. if you buy 20 of them you get 10% off a movie ticket! michael: dude…. stop being such a capitoolist.

  • captian obvious

    someone who states something that is extremely obvious to the rest of us. a person who is a little slower than the rest of us only to bring something to our attention way after it already happens. c.o.- hey ya’ll the sky is blue! u.s.- thanks for the update captian obvious! c.o.- that wh-r- gave […]

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