the perfect t-ts rubbed on your erect p-n-s
give me some aweb–bs

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  • Sacramento Squeeze

    during a sacramento slingshot, a bonus release of load is achieved by a firm yet grasp of the deez nuts, yielding in some cases up to 30% more c-m juice onto her face/lips/eyeb-lls/forehead. with her upcoming body building compet-tion, francene decided the sacramento squeeze would be required to achieve her nutritional goals.

  • blowjerk

    noun. a form of oral s-x that usually involves manual stimulation. a combination of a bl-wj-b and a handjob. jim: hey scott did you do it with stacey yesterday? scott: no she was on her period so she gave me a blowjerk instead. #bl-wj-b #handjob #blowjerk

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    transunion is a nationwide credit reporting agency that specializes in compiling credit history of millions of consumers. the key factors affecting your credit would be your payment history, your debt ratio compared to your available credit, your age of credit history, and the amount of inquiries to access your credit report. transunion is similar to […]

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    the border between florida and alabama, which has nothing interesting in it. man, i thought tallah-ssee was boring, but it’s not nearly as bad as flamabama

  • boredsterbating

    when one p-sses the time of being bored through masturbation. human 1: “i’m so f-cking bored.” human 2 : “why don’t you go boredsterbate? “is timmy in his room boredsterbating again?”

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