an event (or person) that is so awesome, it needs to be given an award.
g: “i jimped to the black swan lesbian scene.”
me: “it’s great, but nudity would’ve made it win an awescar!”

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  • o-town olympics

    a game played by drunks from the town of orange, m-ssachusetts. the game conists of drinking a large quant-ty of alcohol and then making yourself throw up by placing your fingers in your mouth. the winner is the first person to throw up. “hey mac won the o-town olympics.”

  • axl pose

    self explanatory the guns’n’poses concert was cancelled, axl pose didn’t want to perform.

  • ayatollah of areola

    a t-tle in the player hierarchy achieved by scholars who have demonstrated highly advanced knowledge of t-tties “d-mn look at the t-tt–s on that girl my boy is talking to. he is the ayatollah of areola!”

  • the ghost hunter

    a person thats on a wild goose chase. or a person that obvoisely hunts ghosts… the ghost hunter needs to go out tonight and hunt ghosts.

  • backseat bbq

    when two people are doing it in a car with the windows up and one of them farts. ugh i was banging this guy it was a total backseat bbq.

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