the quality of being awesome.
cruel pinch: unholy tongs of extreme awesomeosity (+4 awesome)

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  • conservonics

    from conservative + ebonics, this term is used on various internet fora to describe a perceived conservative tendency to call things the exact opposite of what they are. “i support the republican party because it stands for less government, a strong dollar, fiscal responsibility, and equal rights, not special rights.” “oh, you’re speaking conservonics, right?”

  • fupathologist

    one who studies or observes the fupapotamus and its many other subspecies such as the fupasaurus. john and jordan two avid followers of the fupapotamus were delighted to hear that this year’s fupathologist convention would be held in los angeles.

  • construzled

    to be conflubered, confloberated, confuzzled, and conjombleated. a mixture of confused emotions. she was construzled when her fiance left her standing at the alter.

  • fupa toe

    a “fupa” otherwise known as a fat ugly p-ssy apr-n and a camel toe mixed. pretty much the nastiest thing you will ever see in your life. d-mn girl look at her fupa toe! that is one nasty v-g-n-! what be wrong with her!? d-mn straight!

  • blue vein meatroll smoothered in underwear

    the male genital..p-n-s whats for lunch? your having ” blue vein meatroll smoothered in underwear ” !!!

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