making something awesome
awesomizing the world, making the world awesome.

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  • prune popping

    the act of taking a man’s -n-l virginity. chase just came out of the closet and is looking for a good prune popping!

  • fart spot

    it is a location that you chill in and fart in. it is typically on the floor of a very crowded mall. and activities to do at the fart spot include: people-watching, farting, burping, spitting boba on the walls, eating chicken, chilling, talking. hey, do you wanna chill at fart spot? i’m hungry, let’s get […]

  • brollytard

    noun. someone who thinks that the only important and developed characters in dragonball are the strongest, discount weaker characters as boring. bill: “i think that garlic jr is a pretty cool character” jeff: “no way he’s lame he isn’t even as strong as piccolo after he fuses with nails” bill: “would you quit being a […]

  • cuntplainer

    a woman who never gets laid and complains about every little f-cking thing. that chick is the biggest c-ntplainer i’ve ever met in my life.

  • scamaflauge

    lies and hustles used by drug addicts specifically speed freaks and heroin junkies rick has his scamaflauge coat on today i better make sure he didn’t leave my house with anything in his pockets

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