the rate at which a situation becomes more awkward (in relation to time).
the awkceleration of this silence is unhealthy.

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  • awksickles

    sweet treats that are incorporated in awkward situations to lift the awkward situation. girl 1: “dang this situation’s really f-ckin’ awkward.” girl 2: “yeah i better run to sam’s club and get a bulk pack of awksickles.”

  • awoga

    caveman for please, often used to get something you want man 1: can i see your mammoth man2: no man1: awoga? man2: okay fine

  • awoooga!

    used by big_aussie and blackbook for defining unsaf threads on the glider forums. has now spread like wildfire! often oocc-mpanied with the following flash animation : thread not saf! prepare to diiivvveee….sound teh klaxon hornz!!! awoooga awoooga!

  • aww yea daddy

    when something is f-ck-ng awesome like a dank burito. mexican 1- d-mn i just scored some dank buritos. mexican 2- aww yea daddy!

  • axdiar

    crazy slow lvler in wow considering the slowness of your acctions i would say that you “axdiar” boy!

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