convulated computer nerd command lines.

used by systems administrators and the like to automate things
if you just use the below you can have a nice os version detector, basic awksedreplgrep!
-e /etc/issue && \
-r /etc/redhat-release && \
osrelease=$( head -q -n 1 /etc/issue /etc/redhat-release | /bin/sort -u | xargs |/usr/bin/perl -ne ‘$rel=(/3\.\d+/ ? ‘c3’ : (/4/ ? ‘c4’ : (/5/ ? ‘c5’ : (/release (\d).+update (\d+)/i ? “r$1” : (/fed.+\b (\d+)/ ? ‘fc’ : (/ub.+\b (\d+\.\d+)/ ? $1 : ‘unk’) ) ) ) ) );print “$rel\n”;’)

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