the word used to describe an awkward situation
the awkwacity of when you show your girl your d-ck and then she shows you hers

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  • what yo

    when someone says something dumb, or when you know you wrong but don’t want to admit it. ” why you take my charger d-ckhead ?” “what yo!!”

  • infinityfalse

    when something doesn’t go on forever. it may go on forever, but its false. but it really does go on forever. “that statement was infinityfalse”

  • hoe by *ssociation

    when your friends are hoes and you’re not but just by being friends with them you get labeled as a hoe 1: “i don’t trust her around my boyfriend, she’s such a hoe” 2: “no don’t worry, she’s just a hoe by -ssociation”

  • bot slot

    the crack of you bottom, where the b-ttocks meet. i happen to be g-y and i love it in the bot-slot.

  • ello puppet

    pirates of the carribean beautifulness “ello puppet”

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