awkward antlers

this means nothing. some idiot prep made this up after hearing about the awkward turtle.
the awkward antlers, are you sh-tt-ng me?
the awkward antlers are also used in conjunction with the awkward turtle when re-telling events. the antlers are used in stages with the progression of awkwardness. to express the beginning of awkwardness, raise each index finger and hold them up to your head (stage 1). when the awkward tension starts to build, the antlers begin to waver/shake (stage 2). then, when awkwardness reaches its climax, suddenly the antlers become all 4 fingers on each hand, sans the thumb, expressing to your audience that things were incredible horribly awkward (stage 3).
(the last stage is usually accompanied by, but not limited to: bulging eyes, anguished expression, gasping, etc.)
in the situation: as you hug your ex, you do the awkward turtle behind his back.

when re-telling:
“i saw my ex, john, come into the party!”
-stage 1 awkward antlers-
“then, he called out my name and started toward me,” -stage 2, aavering antlers-
“all of the sudden, he just leaped on me and began to cry!”
-final stage 3 distressed antlers-

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