Awkward Pig

‘awkwards’ are an interjection used when a situation is so awkward that no words can possibly diffuse the awkwardity.

awkward pig is possibly the very best awkward in existence. it allows for considerably more awkwardity to be displayed than the regular awkward turtle. in this awkward, you follow these steps:

1) place your index and middle fingers from your left hand on your lower eyelids; index below left eye, middle below right eye. this should form a v-shape with your first two fingers.

2) place your index finger from your right hand up, underneath the v in your left hand, onto the tip of your nose.

3) push your nose up, forming a ‘snout’.

4) wiggle right hand.

aka, make a pig face using fingers to pull down eyelids, and one finger to wiggle your snout.
1) daniel went bright red whilst asking an attractive pe teacher about sport, and eventually he couldn’t get any words out. the only thing to do was highlight the awkwardity. marcus brought out his best rendition of the awkward turtle, but this was insufficient to show how truly awkward the situation was. thankfully, jake was quick to bring things under control by utilising the awkward pig.

2) daniel slipped and tripped down the stairs in front of his whole school year. it was thoroughly embarr-ssing. recognising an unusually high awkwardity level, david whacked out the awkward pig.

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