to significantly increase or decrease in volume during a conversation. one may witness a sudden vanish or invasion of personal sp-ce.
person 1: i was at burger king when-…
person 2: huh?
person 1: and then-…
person 2: okay, awlay.

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  • bussed

    a state of mind occurring after one has just smoked a bus transfer ticket, usually just feels like a headache. dude, i’m gonna get so bussed tonight!

  • asiantown

    a town full of chinese and j-panese people and you don’t know which one is which, so you call it asiantown. i bought rice in asiantown.

  • buzz lightyear k*ll

    it’s like a buzzkill but for kids who are not old enough to drink. kid 1: the babysitter made this lame-ss limeaid stuff instead of letting us drink pepsi. kid 2: what a buzz lightyear kill.

  • byace

    combonation of bye and peace for quick goodbye responce. them:yo i gtg. you: byace f00.

  • bye...sicle

    a creative way of saying goodbye. usually used when you are riding a bicycle. there must be a pause before the ‘sicle’ lance armstrong p-sses you on your bike. you: bye…sicle

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