a person who pwns noobs with any weapon in counter-strike…or any other game with a sniperrifle, he is better than any one with an awp.

wow that noob just got awpwned in the face.

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  • awsome town

    a place on earth that you can only find if you are experimenting with lsd. person 1: man i sware when i was 18 i lived in awsome town. person 2: dude you were high 24/7 when you were 18. person 1: f-ck you

  • axe mark

    the female reproductive system. also know as a v-g-n-. “dude i totally stuck my pork sword in sarahs axe mark last night”

  • bashin' on me socks

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    spraying axe deodorant on a public surface to feel gangster and not get in trouble look at this axe i stole from the mini mart, i’m gonna axe tag in the back of the mini mart cause that’s how i roll.

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