describing a person: being great at most things you do, and earning respect from persons.

describing a thing: some thing that is ultra great, or epic.

person 1:holy crud. that guy scored the winning touchdown!

person 2: he is freaking awsom.


the awsom fox quickly jumped over the lazy dog.
an illiterate person trying to say “awesome”.

apparently they missed out on the english lesson about “silent e’s”.
darryl: hey, we’re having a party tonight, everyone! it’s gonna be great!

will: awsom.

chris: -ahem- it’s “awesome.” learn 2 english.
is just a word dat white people choose to say “im a silly -ss mother f-cker” they use it to proof that they looser and are trying to fit in…not
dude da way u b-tched slap me was awsom!

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