so outragously cool
that is full of awsomenasity.

Read Also:

  • A zebra doesn't eat apples

    “a zebra doesn’t eat apples” is a saying that means something along the lines of cut the cr-p. guy: hey, guess what. i slept with your sister last night guy2: oh shut up, a zebra doesn’t eat apples.

  • feelicious

    adjective; when something makes you feel delicious, or when something feels delicious, it’s feelicious my new boots are so soft and snuggly and warm, they are absolutely feelicious! this cashmere sweater is feelicious! the haagen dasz green tea honey vanilla ice cream is mmm, feelicious! making out with my honey is pretty feelicious these days!

  • Red Fox Hollow

    when you’re doing a pregnant chick, prefferably near birth, you pull out and insert a live red fox into her v-g-n-. the fox then eats the fetus. i got my girlfriend pregnant, but she’s pro-life. i think i’m going to have to give her the old red fox hollow.

  • re-evil

    re-evil (v.): when a person returns an evil favour, as revenge. only valid when the original action was malicious in intent. if you code something evil into a program, say for example, a nasty trick that formats your harddrive as a copy-protection measure, chances are a hacker will discover it and re-evil you.

  • foodie-cation

    leisure time away from work and/or school devoted to trying out different foods and restaurants of a certain area. i can’t wait to get off work and head to atlanta to enjoy my foodie-cation.

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