short for: “ah, what is this?”.
awt, you bought a new car?
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an expression from on/offline games
from the word aw
in dota
when you are killed
they say awts..
its kinda like oh oh oh. or, hey! or, what is going on here? or.. shot down..
awt! kyle said that danny liked kayla while we were going out! wtf
all-white tennis shoes
did you see that guy with the mullet? yeah, he was rockin’ jorts and awts.
acronym for “as we text” occasionally used in text messages. used when one would otherwise say “as we speak” but while sending a text message since the .
yeah, shes totally staring at me awt. wtf?
appy with that
richard: “i just gave the woman a tenner and she gave me change for a fifty, now i can go and purchase some more megagigabits for my computer so i can look at p-rn faster”

christopher: “awt”
a java acronym for “annoying window toolkit”

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