a young girl/guy that judging from their current appearance, or the appearance of family memebers, will be very good looking in the future.
this originates from the axa superanuation slogan “axa, investment for the future”.
the whole idea of an axa is to try and become freinds with them early so that you can bang then when they are at a reasonable age.
guy 1: dude, sam’s sister jess is f-cking hot!
guy 2: man that’s just wrong, she is 13 and your 17.
guy 1: yeah i know, i just mean that she is an axa.
guy 2: i feel that. her mum is hot too. so she’ll probably look like her when she is older.
guy 1: yeh, true… definatley an axa.
guy 1 and 2 – calling out: “jess, do you want to come and watch tv with us?”
“investment for the future”
a person who is young, but would obviously be attractive when they were older.. used to avoid looking like a cradle sn-tcher.
did you see julies younger brother? he’s such an axa.
a joint venture between two allied anime groups, #anime-xtreme and #anime-sekai. both which are on and whom strive for the finest in anime fansubbing.
the new ax-as wildstriker episode is out – i need it!!!
the word axa is another for owner in everything
this guy owns
well you know he`s an axa

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