asian way of saying cmonnn.
hey, i failed am exam

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  • gabrielle+cade=love

    gabrielle and cade are names and they are just the people that are just perfect for each other and well enjoy each other for ever and will be friends to the end have you seen gabrielle and cade they are so cute ya they are really gabrielle+cade=love oh your so right

  • squirrel party

    a h-m-s-xual gathering in a remote location in the hills. overnight stays are required. it’s like fight club but you use your c-cks as swords . hey eric! you all oiled up for the squirrel party tonight?

  • camberlee

    sweetest, kindest, most generous person you’ll ever meet. best big sister ever! have you met camberlee? she’s amazing!!!

  • tgilmvt

    stands for the “the girl i lost my virginity to ” guy 1:i put my ex as tgilmvt guy 2: tf is that guy 1: the girl i lost my virginity to

  • moolenburgh

    a man whos first name is usually marius and is he is often caught w-nking off to owls person 1: “is that man w-nking off to owls????” person 2: “yeah of course hes moolenburgh”

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