“handsome fighter and gets a lot of money good at sports and runs faster than a ferrari on land
and a highly intelligent man”,!
” o my god there goes aydrous”

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  • fuckin word

    when something is so agreeable that there’s just nothing else to say. typically used by people stoned off their -ss. “yo dude i got the munchies. you wanna run go get some food?” “f-ckin word”

  • swamp basket

    when your p–p stacks up higher than the water in the toilet i legit p–ped a swamp basket today

  • finals heroes

    people who don’t study in the library all semester, then suddenly show up during finals week, taking over your favorite “spot.” person 1 : there aren’t study rooms or tables available. person 2: yea, cuz of all these d-mn finals heroes!

  • wet texting

    when people start flooding you with texts and/or text emojis even when you don’t respond instead of blowing my phone this guy/girl is wet texting the f-ck out of my phone

  • two time potato

    a big b-tch that eat potato chips. “omg look at that two time potato face big b-tch”

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