a word used to describe the most beautiful girl in the world
that girl over there is so beautiful she must be an aylit

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  • german inhale

    like a french inhale; except, you inhale the smoke into your eye(s). note: a german inhalation is an involuntary action. typically, when smoking something to close to your face. person one: “f-ck dude i just got mad smoke in my eye fam squad.” person two: “d-mn son, you german inhaled.”

  • kionte

    a super ugly wh-r- who sucks c-ck bsebdscdcv kionte

  • prod the gawd

    a very fat and hideous creature who happens to be 27 years old dating a 15 year old e-girl. dude you are so disgusting looking, you look like prod the gawd

  • analytical technical 2

    company b-tch does all the secretary work. my -n-lytical technical 2 finshed the reports by morning.

  • gatorbae

    chicks you meet and hookup with just to help them quench their thirst. especially when you don’t have gatorade for someone that’s thirsty af. do you want to be my gatorbae? cause i want to quench your thirst.

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