is a name given to someone who is always laughing and spreads happiness wherever she goes. everyone sees her as the jovial or carefree rebel type with no worries whatsoever, but they don’t see the pain behind that smile. and she’ll never let them know of it. although she brings laughter, joy and happiness, she also has a dark side to which only a few have seen and a handful have experienced. she may treat you like you’re special but really you’re not even close to what she calls “real friends”. ayngel is intelligent and artistic yet she is very dumb and weird. she’s always seeing the good in people first. ayngel never leaves a close friend behind and is always there to comfort them if ever the need. ayngel is crazy and can be the stupidest person you’ve ever met. this person will cremate your body and laugh at your funeral. she will steal your clothes and return them when you find out they’re gone. she’ll sneak into your room and lay beside you without even waking you up. ayngel always seems to be a mystery. even her relationships make no sense. she plays games like a d-mn good player, but she has a really big heart. this is ayngel. she is a work of art. guys want her and girls wanna be her. ayngel portrays the image of appearing cute and innocent when in reality she is capable of cutting your throat in eight and feeding her pets with it. she is kinda crazy. she is, a dark angel.
ayngel is so awesome
have you guys heard about that ratchet chick, ayngel?
who is this ayngel everyone’s talking about?!

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