a b-tch
she is such an azlin. it gets annoying!

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  • pounded her

    when a male goes hard on a females -ss she can’t walk man i pounded her so hard last night

  • chew on a stick

    shut the fack up you stupid bish. “hey bob, why don’t you go chew on a stick.”

  • vagina digger

    an insult to be taken figuratively or literally that implies someone is digging in one’s v-g-n-. what are you looking for, you v-g-n- digger!?

  • anal bowling

    when someone lies on their back, puts their legs in the air, and spreads them, then their partner takes a ball and rolls it in their -ss lisa and i went -n-l bowling last night, we got the ball out but she will never be the same when someone lies on their back, puts their […]

  • taravia

    funny, independent, strong-minded, stubborn, loyal, opinionated person. she is the type of person to tel your problems to. she is a very out going person. she is a stay down till the end. you are like my taravia.

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