it stands for bad -ss motha trucka. it is word derived from the h-ll waters of covington, la
sidney, zach, and tim are b.a.m.t.’s

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  • gogol bordello

    an amazing band that’s gypsy/punk. very different but better then most of the bands on the radio today. person one: i wish i knew a good gypsy/punk band! me: here, listen to gogol bordello! the fabolous, gypsy, punk, indie rock band. gogol bordello is; iggy pop meets kafka.

  • going to finland

    being, or coming out as trans-. did you hear about tanner? they’re going to finland, and want to be referred to by female pr-nouns now. mark used to be maddy, until he went to finland.

  • goodhigh

    when a group of friends have smoked together and they are about to depart. but instead of saying goodbye or goodnight, you say goodhigh (the high must of been good though) guy1: alright bro, i think ima head on out/ guy2: alright then. guy1: shakes hand goodhigh bro. guy2: yeah man, goodhigh! door closes

  • banville

    s-xy, with cute feet, and very flexible. likes to drink but generally kind natured. kristen is extremely banvillian! look at that banville.

  • goo dragon

    when you are about to c-m when a girl is giving you head you grab the back of her head and thust you d-ck down her throat causeing your j-zz to come out of here nose. she didn’t want to swallow so i gave her a goo dragon.

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