an alcoholic shot consisting of half ouzo and half full throttle energy drink
he did too many b-bombs on sat-rday and now we can’t find him.
the casual insertion of the fact that a girl has a boyfriend into a conversation she is having with another guy. she may or may not have a boyfriend.

purposes include:

– not leading the guy on
– not being attracted to the guy
– being faithful
friend 1: so i saw you getting pretty friendly with melissa last night eh?

friend 2: ya, but then she dropped the b bomb on me. totally lame.

friend 1: drag.
when you’re hitting on a female and she mentions her boyfriend to back you off.
i totally thought i was gonna get some until she dropped the b-bomb on me.
to burn, or to smoke weed
yo daniel do you wanna bbomb later?

i’m so down to bbomb tonight
when one balaces books on ones b-n-r as indicated

“hey martin look at this b-bomb i got going on”

“dammit man you got a bible there on that b-n-r dude!”
telling someone your relationship is over, especially in a cold, sudden manner.
he dropped the b-bomb on her right there in the airport. left her hard and dry in a 3rd world country to fend for herself.
to exhibit sudden and overwhelming h-m-s-xual tendencies
back off dude, don’t go b-bomb on me now!

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